A Track Record of Delivering Exceptional Case Results, Achieving Favorable Outcomes for Our Clients
    "Exceptional Legal Skills"
    I would recommend Attorney Blaine Brown of OC Trial Group. I found him to be a capable trust attorney with exceptional legal skills.  He is knowledgeable, personable, and professional, and interested in the client and their case. He and his office have been responsive to questions and have returned my calls and e-mails in a timely manner. The hourly charges for the services rendered are fair.
    - Trust Client (Trustee) Involved in Multiple Probate and Civil Lawsuits
    "Practical Advice in Highly Emotional Situations"

    Blaine Brown was hired to provide legal assistance to help ensure that a relative's wishes were adhered to by family members. Certain family members had taken actions to move monies into bank accounts which benefited them. Mr. Brown was able to obtain information as to the bases for these transactions. He diligently proved the power of attorney that was the basis for the significant amount of monies transferred was due to Elder Abuse. Threatening to file legal actions, Mr. Brown convinced the relatives to unwind the improper transfers of monies and return the monies to their proper accounts. Subsequently, I indicated to Mr. Brown my intentions to tell the relatives that I was prepared to give to them a portion of these monies. Mr. Brown wisely said to hold off on informing the relatives of my intentions. He stated it would be best to wait until a later time to inform them of my generosity. He was so very wise and practical. Subsequent very cruel and untruthful accusations by family members caused me to realize that my generosity was folly. Such practical advise of Mr. Brown led me to not make a big mistake.

    - Trust Client (Beneficiary)
    "High Quality Services"

    My experience with Blaine Brown has been nothing short of remarkable. A few months ago it became necessary for me to obtain legal representation in handling issues as trustee for the family trust. I retained Attorney Blaine Brown. Blaine has been remarkable in handling my case. He is a profound listener and extremely detailed in all aspects trust litigation. He is personable and very companionate, as evidenced when dealing with my elderly mother. His level of legal acumen and attention to details has propelled my case to reach resolution much sooner than anticipated, as my experience has been when dealing with law firms in the past. It is my opinion that Blaine’s background in finance gives his clients an added advantage, and he is cognizant and sensitive to time and fees. I highly recommend Blaine. I intend to retain Blaine as my attorney to handle all future transactions involved with the family trust.

    - Trust Client (Trustee)
    "Passionate Attention to Detail + Formula for Success."

    A few minutes into our first meeting, I felt and experienced Blaine's passionate attention to detail which remained consistent throughout the case. Without exception, Blaine could recall any aspect or detail of the case at any moment and provide a sound strategy for next steps along with realistic timelines. I found Blaine to be compassionate while taking personal ownership in the case. This combined with his aggressive drive was in my mind, the formula for success in defending our case. So allow me to state the obvious: I would recommend Blaine to anyone!

    - Trust Client (Beneficiary)
    "Highly Recommend"

    What a pleasure it was to work with Blaine Brown. Not only is his office high class, but the professionalism exemplified by Blaine when assisting with my living trust, estate planning, and other legal issues was unmatched to any other experience I’ve had. Having multiple properties out of state and various other assets, their team created a clear and concise plan to help map out my estate and ensure I’m protected transactionally and also in litigation. His knowledge base and willingness to assist far exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly trust and support this firm and would highly recommend it.

    - Business and Estate Planning Client
    "Very skilled and attentive."

    Mr. Brown was able to bring my very difficult trust situation to a resolution. He was very skilled and attentive. I have given him a lot of credit for guiding this situation to a very positive outcome.

    - Trust Client (Trustee)
    "He answered every question I had and was very honest with what path I should take regarding my case."

    Blaine kept me well-informed with everything we discussed on the phone and in person. He answered every question I had and was very honest with what path I should take regarding my case. I really appreciated everything he did for me. 

    - Trust Client (Beneficiary)
    "Excellent Attorney"

    Blaine is an excellent attorney that is professional, responsive, and willing to fight for his clients. We tried other attorneys, but we felt they did not stand up for our needs. We hired Blaine and have been extremely happy with how he is handling our case. He's a bit pricey but worth every penny! We feel he is fighting to help us do what is right and just through the justice system. I highly recommend him.

    - Trust Client (Beneficiary)
    "Great Litigator!"

    Blaine Brown went above and beyond when litigating on our behalf. Very pleased with his work ethic and results.

    - Trust Client
    "Attorney Brown never wavered with the manner in which he remained extremely passionate about obtaining justice in my case."
    I am grateful for the exceptional help that I received from Attorney Blaine M. Brown. I didn’t know the first thing about the inner workings of a Trust and Estate Litigation Law, but I desperately needed help with my sensitive and arduous case. Yet, I never wavered about my faith in this phenomenal attorney! The level of care that I received from Attorney Brown was invaluable. Furthermore, he worked incessantly and vigorously on my behalf to provide quality representation.

    During the litigation process, Attorney Brown provided the highest possible legal representation for me. He kept my needs in mind and made sure that my legal rights and goals came first. Also, Attorney Brown carefully considered all angles of the legal situation I was facing; then outlined and thoroughly explained the pros and cons of my case. I appreciated his direct, strategic, compassionate and effective communication.

    Furthermore, Attorney Blaine Brown helped my case move forward and kept me informed about my case; every step of the way. His legal analysis and tough negotiations contributed to a positive outcome. The fact that Attorney Brown has a variety of experience and skills in Trust and Estate litigation law, just to name a few, made a huge difference in my case.

    Finally, Attorney Brown never wavered with the manner in which he remained extremely passionate about obtaining justice in my case. His potent leadership ability to fight with firmness, compassion and fairness; while simultaneously understanding the complexity, sensitivity and emotional dynamics of my case.

    Although this arduous experience has been a bit tedious and sometimes overwhelming, Attorney Brown's wise and masterful approach to my case, made all the difference in the world to its success.
    I highly recommend Attorney Blaine M. Brown to anyone seeking quality, fair and phenomenal representation for your Trust, Estate and Professional Business needs.

    Humbly, I thank you Attorney Brown for everything that you did to help me have a successful outcome in my case.
    - Trust Client (Beneficiary)
    "Goes Above and Beyond"

    Blaine is an invaluable asset to have if you are involved in business issues, such as, the formation of a business entity, strategizing business decisions, and litigating business issues. During my conversations with Blaine, he was prepared for our meeting and walked me through the process of correctly making business decisions and entity formation for a recent venture. Blaine takes the extra step to make his client’s feel comfortable and understand the issues before them.

    - Business Client
    "Goes the Extra Mile"

    Blaine was extremely helpful and very fast with his communication and turn around time with documents. His knowledge and background was very comforting and help me achieve peace of mind throughout this process.

    - Real Estate Client
    "Blaine was Awesome"

    Blaine was simply on top of it! No case is fun to deal with but Blaine made it as easy as it could have been. He did a great job at really listening to my needs while also communicating best possible outcomes. His follow up was great and he worked diligently to make sure we were prepared. Great overall experience working with Blaine.

    - Real Estate Client
    "Professional and Timely, Highly Recommended"

    Mr. Brown was very professional and knowledgeable. My needs were put first and I was always treated with respect. He presented a professional work ethic and explained the steps pertaining to my issue. He provided strategic guidance throughout my entire case. I found Mr. Brown to be thorough and time sensitive with his approach. He was always reachable. I highly recommend Mr. Brown to anyone needing his services.

    - Litigation Client
    "Attention to Detail"

    Blaine Brown represented me when a neighbor sued for a hill slide that occurred on their property. Blaine's dedication, voluminous research and knowledge of my case all combined to provide a successful outcome for me. Thank you Blaine.

    - Litigation Client
    "Blaine made the process easy to understand and painless."

    When it comes to the correct type of organization for a new small business, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Blaine made the process easy to understand and painless. He laid out the options for us, explained the differences and costs of what we were considering (LLC or General Partnership), and helped us come to a logical conclusion. Blaine was easy to work with and we now feel assured we made the correct decision for our organization going forward.

    - Business and Estate Planning Client